Wednesday, December 01, 2010


There is an attraction about reinventing one's life.

I've only known one or two people that have actually done it (or maybe done it successfully. Perhaps I don't know about the others that tried?). It's a magical process of watching someone go from what they were to what they have become in a way that is magnificently reminiscent of watching a tree blossoming or a flower bloom, that sense of knowing seeing the end product which looks nothing like the beginning product.

It is especially hypnotic in the context of where I mostly seem to live, which so often seems to be the cul de sac of poor choices and inadvertent decisions. It's a location that maybe more of us get to than we intend: we take our eyes of our lives for a little while and start doing what seems easy or pleasing instead of what's necessary and suddenly we find ourselves in a place we never intended.

But when we are around someone who is in the process of remaking their life it is similar to being out on a Spring day: the very atmosphere of the season helps to lift our own moods, to draw us out into the possibilities and potentialities instead of remaining mired in the Winter of our lives. It drives our mind to concepts and thoughts - some good, some maybe not so good - but all of which at least seem to give us a new lease on our existence, perhaps the strength to go a little further.

And to dream - to wonder what a little reinvention in our own lives would look like.

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