Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thinking Linearly

A sense of peace about some decisions, not others.

Do we like New Home? Yes. There are a plethora of good things here: good (excellent) school for Na Clann, a reasonable place to live (a rental to be sure, but larger and paying less than we were in Old Home), good church, The Ravishing Mrs. TB is finding her stride, and we are finally able to begin to deal with the wreckage started almost 4 years ago by The Firm and my decisions around it. Other than the heat and humidity, not a lot of complaints.

Do I like my career field? Yes, on most days. It's not my ideal job to be sure, but it is well paying and enables to do lots of other things. Depending on whom I've worked for, it does allow me to have a greater or lesser degree of impact on the lives of others. Certainly it can keep my mind as active as it wants to be.

Do I like my job?

Hmm, much more difficult there. I like some of the people with whom I work. That said, the job itself (or really the company that encompasses the job) is much more problematic. I've alluded to it before: a loss of hope combined with a true sense of powerlessness. It is difficult to the point of wondering "Why?"

But (as I'm trying to do with this exercise) the company is not the career field, and the company is not New Home.

So do the math. If the career field is okay and the location is okay, what I really need to do is....

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