Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Selling Myself

I need to work on changing myself.

I am realizing that if I want a new job - good heavens, a new career - I need to gain more skills. Simply put, I am not (apparently) marketable in my current condition.

That said, let's approach this like I am selling something else. How do I market something to sell it?

1) Need: What does the customer need? What are they buying (hiring) my line of work for?

2) Features: Why are they buying the product (me)? What do they expect from the product (me)? What features is missing that they are looking for?

3) Marketing: From an unbiased view, how do I appear as a marketed product? Is how I am presented representative of the product I am? Does how I am presented match their need? Am I the "New Coke" of my industry?

4) Failure Why haven't you succeeded in your efforts up to now? What has gone wrong in all your communications and presentation to this point?

Interestingly, I think the failure aspect is the one most interesting to me at this point. Things have occurred in the last year, but nothing has come to fruition. Why? Is it the company's situation? (Yes, in some cases) Is it that I was not appropriately skilled? (Yes, in some cases) Is it that I had an opportunity and threw it away? (Unfortunately, yes in at least one case)

Would I like to do something else? Sure. Could my current line of work fund that something else? Absolutely.

If I am selling me (which I am), would I purchase me? Would you purchase you?

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