Monday, March 13, 2017

Winter Again

So our weather has been playing with us over the last three weeks.  Essentially, it gives as a solid work week of good, early spring weather (70-80 F), followed by weekends which are cold and rainy.  Which, of course, means very little gets done outside (I note in passing that it is almost as cold here than where we stayed in Montana last July).

Frankly, it makes me grumpy.

I had a careful list all planned out for the weekend:  raking leaves (yes, where I live this is the season in which the leaves fall), mowing (the grass, of course, has been responding to the "mock spring" we have been undergoing), and even some potential pre-Spring gardening activities.  Instead, The grass is dripping, the leaves are soggy, and I have managed to miss another weekend  for making any forward progress.

There is just nothing quite as annoying as planning for something which you do not really enjoy doing, psyching yourself up to do it, only to find that all that mental energy is wasted.  Grrr.  Makes me not want to plan and just be "spontaneous" (Fancy Latin word for 'procrastination').

I am taking today and Tuesday off for Spring Break. Perhaps the weather will co-operate with me enough to get some kind of effort put on these items.  Or, if nothing else, at least I can mentally prepare myself and fortify myself with coffee for the continued drearies.


LindaG said...

I don't know about where you live; but here, Tuesday is cloudy and mid 60s. Wednesday sunny upper 50s. And this is the South.
Good luck! ^_^

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

The weather is supposed to improve a bit Linda. Hopefully by this weekend we will be back where we should be.