Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Brought To You By Rabbit

So one of the things that Kymber recommended I do is take 30 minutes a day and just sit.  Time has been a bit on the unavailable side to sit outside, so this blog comes to you courtesy of the Rabbit in the chair.

The Rabbit is Midnight, our big black bunny who will have her eighth birthday with us in August, our first rescue bunny.  She is sitting here, next to me on her pink towel as I type.

Rabbits, if I have not said it enough, make excellent pets.  They are quiet.  They are relatively clean, if you keep up with their litter box - and their waste (combined with hay and wood pellets) makes an excellent mulch for the garden.  Their food is inoffensive - hay, hay pellets, and fruits and vegetables.  For those that trouble themselves about such things, they are supposed to be as smart as cats.  They purr, in a sort of way, just like cats (actually, they grind their teeth together.  Means the same thing).  They give bunny kisses, also like cats.  They are incredibly fluffy.  And they have personalities.

Midnight has a very restrained, reserved personality.  She generally prefers attention on her own terms.  She will happily sit beside you (as she is doing now) rather quietly and contentedly.  She does not seem to be bothered extensively by the new puppy (as opposed to I-bun, who is definitely not a fan).  She gets rather excited about the carrot that comes her way every morning - in fact, she is rather insistent on it and gets grumpy if it is delayed.

But the best thing about her- and really about any bunny - is just the sense of calm and peace you have when you are with them.  I am not sure what it is - all I know is that being with the bunnies makes me far more calm and happy than not being with them.

Sometimes peace is just a few bunny hops away.


Rain said...

I like that! "...a few bunny hops away." :) I get that same sense of peace when I'm walking my dogs in the woods. I feel like I need to do that each morning to start my day off right and gain a little inner harmony. I had a burnout a long time ago and used to take lots of meds for mood and anxiety. I made the decision 10 years ago not to take meds anymore because they aren't good for me so I tried to find every and any way I can naturally to feel better. Pets, in my opinion, are the BEST mood-boosters!

Rev. Paul said...

That's an interesting idea, sir. I'll keep it in mind, IF we ever decide to get another pet.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Thank you Rain!

I have had pets as long as (literally) I can remember. Right now we have have the two rabbits, a guinea pig, a parakeet and Poppy the Puppy (who is a little much at the moment). I will say that hands down on the cuteness and stress relief aspect, pets will win every time. My particular happy place is listening to the rabbits eat. There is just something remarkably soothing about listening to them munch away...

kymber said...

i am glad that the rabbits and other pets provide such a sense of peace to you TB. and i am hopeful that you will continue to take 30 mins a day - inside or outside - and just be. and breathe.

sending much love, as always. your friend,