Monday, March 28, 2016

Wheat! I Have A Rye Expression On My Face...

Well, actually all I have is a terrible pun.  More importantly, I also have Rye and Wheat sprouting:

Gazelle Rye (119 days to maturity)

Dylan Hard Red Spring Wheat (112-140 days to maturity)

I am excited for two reasons.  The first is simply that something is growing (in my book that is always exciting).  The second is that this is the first time I have tried to plant Spring Grains. I am hopeful that it will work, as it will open up the possibility of having both fall and spring plantings going at the same time without fully eating up available space.

(As always, great thanks to the good folks at Bountiful Gardens  (  Their order came as always: quickly, completely, and inexpensively.  I cannot recommend them enough.


kymber said...

i'm glad you mentioned the terrible pun or i would have had to - bahahahah! i am glad you are excited and trying new things. you'll have to keep us informed on how it grows and what you intend to do with it.

sending much love! your friend,

PioneerPreppy said...

Hey must be the season for planting grass. I just seeded the West pasture this evening.

Good luck with your rye. Keep us informed!!!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Thanks Kymber! Strangely enough, grain has always excited me to grow. I am not really sure why, except that it is relatively easy and there are so many different kinds to experiment with. I really think that it is something that I could get a whole lot closer to self sufficiency than I am. Use would either be personal consumption or potential quail feed.

Lhiats, TB

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I will fascinated to see what happens Preppy. I have never tried spring plantings before - all of mine have been overwintered. If this works it opens up some interesting possibilities for dual plantings.