Monday, March 14, 2016

On Falling Out of The Current

I should consider myself fortunate - become disengaged from the political landscape is becoming easier and easier.

The secret?  I am just allowing my natural tendencies to avoid confrontation and the fact that I really dislike yelling and arguments to take over.  Suddenly the need to keep endlessly tracking on things of no import seemed to fall away.

The silence is surprisingly deafening inside after the constant input is removed.

I know what some will say - "You are avoiding a process that you need to be involved in".  And to some extent that is true - it is  a process that certainly impacts me and something that I will need to participate in - at the proper time.  Until then, all I seem to hear is yelling and counter yelling with any attempt to discuss actual issues being buried beneath layers of rage on all sides.  This is hardly the sort of thing that makes my life better.

And it is driving us apart, not together.  Herein lies the biggest worry - we will get through this cycle and find that we will no longer be able to talk to friends because too much rhetoric got in the way:  we called each other terrible things, imputed actions and attitudes based on outward appearances rather than on the inward person we knew.  We burned bridges and destroyed common landmarks of interest to make our point - and once they were gone, we found that we had nothing left to come back to, no point of reference to meet at or a place to begin to rebuild the relationships.

In our haste to be right, we destroyed our ability to communicate.  And without communication, things like societies and civilizations no longer exist.


John Wooldridge said...

Tis the trouble with politics.... Politicians.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

It is not just the politicians John. That is a given. It is the fact that am finding as a whole we can talk to each other less and less, that there are "no-go" conversation zones. If we stop talking to others around some things, eventually we end up speaking about nothing at all.