Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Rain

So it is raining tonight.  Rain heavily last night (1.5" in about 4 hours), then off and on again today, then started again around 7:30 this evening.

It is odd that we have been here as long has we have (7 years this year) and I still have not completely figured out the weather patterns here. It is a bit of a problem, of course, because Spring seems to only here something like 2 weeks (you laugh, but it is really true - essentially we have two seasons only, Summer and Winter, with brief intermissions we call Spring and Autumn) and planting becomes a bit dicey if we go too far into the not Spring season.

I was going to plant this last weekend  but am glad that I did not - I am afraid the rains (we have the potential of "Severe Weather") would have washed away what I had planted (which would have been my grain seeds - trying again this year).  We are supposed to be back up near 90 next Monday so perhaps planting will be more congenial then (plus, with Daylight Savings, I actually am back to having evenings I can work with).

We need the rain badly of course, and I am hardly the one to complain about another rain day (on the whole, I love them).  And hopefully a week one way or the other will not harm anything.

But I sure would feel better if everything was in the ground and growing where it should be.

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