Friday, September 18, 2015

The Mystery of The Disappearing Quail

Fortyfive Nation, I have a mystery for you.

The Situation: I go outside this morning to feed the quail as I always do.  I open the swing down door and put in the ration of meal worms.  No-one rushes out but that is not particularly surprising as it was a little earlier than I usually go out and so darker.  No big deal.

For some reason I come out later before I eat breakfast to check.  Still no-one has swarmed the meal worms.  I open the cage up.  Inside I find one traumatized quail with injuries and two quail that are missing completely.  The latch was closed.  There are feathers scattered around but very little blood indicating an attack.  What happened?

1)  Someone thieved two quail and left the third.  Possible, but does not explain the injuries on the third quail.

2)  A predator (I'm thinking a raccoon) - Possible, although the lack of blood and the fact the latch was replaced in position makes me wonder.

3)  Three...I got nothing.

Quail Three is in the converted hamster cage recovering in the air conditioning.  I would give its chances at not that great, except these quail have really surprised me as to their ability to recover from injuries.  Here's hoping.

Two lessons for those that seek to prepare for emergencies:

1)  Local wildlife will become an issue, especially as the easy pickings (otherwise known as garbage) disappear.  Imagine rabbits in your garden but much worse.

2)  Two legged wildlife can also become an issue.  Be prepared to disguise, conceal, or even more actively protect (as in moving closer to the house, perhaps even in your garage) that which is valuable.

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