Friday, July 24, 2015


Today we are going to review (in what is turning out to be a working idea for another book) the last concept in this idea in taking charge or changing or something (not really sure what the ultimate point is) that is sort of my ongoing epiphany for the week.  As you may recall, so far I have discussed Ownership (and the taking of it), Leveling Up, and Being The Authentic You.  Today we discuss the last point, context.

Context is meant to express the concept of where we do these first three things.  It is the situation that we find ourselves in - or more hopefully, the one that we place ourselves in.  It is the place that, in the best of worlds, allows us to be in a mental place where we can take ownership, level up, and truly be who we are.

I have placed context at the end of this chain because the first three things are more fundamental.  Without the first three things, context has less perceived value - I can be in a place where I have not taken ownership, leveled up, or am the authentic me, but the context of the situation makes these seem irrelevant to me - such as being in a job that is ultimately leading nowhere but I enjoy the people and situation so much that I do not look to the future, knowing that all jobs end.  What I am actually trying to achieve is instead a conscious choice of situations, brought together by where I am and where I am headed.

And Context can help in our daily lives.  The worst day can be made better when surrounded in a Context that includes friends and laughter.  The culture of achievement can be accelerated by a Context where everyone is working to do their best and move forward, where needs are understood and voices respected.

How do you find the correct Context?  Of all of the issues this is the one I have the least idea of how to accomplish, perhaps because I have been so poor at it in my own life.  I have made choices of where to be for all of the wrong reasons; on the flip side, I have occasionally found the best of contexts within situations that I did not expect would yield them.  It is a continuum, I think, one that we hopefully get better at as we become more experienced - as we Own our lives, as we are making conscious decisions and progress in Leveling Up, and as we are becoming more and more our Authentic Selves, the correct Contexts will (I believe) become more clear to us.

Without a good Context, our efforts will too often be in vain and our lives be frustrated; with the correct Context, our achievements will be accelerated and our pursuit of our goals and indeed our very usefulness to those around us will be enhanced.

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