Monday, April 10, 2017

Garden 2017: Compost Up

So here is the stretch of ground called my garden:

Just beyond the farther patch of green (my wheat) is where the Spring/Summer Garden will be:

My compost bin is a pretty simplistic affair:  a plastic trash can out in the sun.  I have loading it for about three years.  Let us see what is inside!

The Supervisor is not impressed:

I needed to shovel off the upper level, which has the more recent materials:

Underneath?  Black Gold!

It is much less liquid and most than last time - which is better.

My method is fairly simplistic.  Pull back the layer of wood litter and rabbit droppings and hay

And put the compost on and recover:

Sometimes odd things find their way in:

I still ended up with about half of the compost bin full - which I will use when I start on the current garden:

My side cracked a little bit when I removed some compost:

Being thrifty, I sealed it with glue:

The non-rotted material was reloaded.

And here is the finished garden:

We are supposed to have thunderstorms and downpours Monday and Tuesday, so hopefully we will be able to plant this weekend.


Rain said...

Hi TB! :)) How NICE to see your garden and wow! Congratulations on your black gold!! When we finally settle down, that will be one of the first things I implement. Right now since we live in town, we do have one of those brown bins that the town picks up for compost. Every spring they have an "Earth Day" and you bring your buckets and they offer free compost, so we take advantage of that. If we were staying longer, I'd have set up a compost bin for us, but by the time it's ready to use, we'll be moving! What are you planting this year? The Supervisor is very cute despite not being impressed!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Thanks Rain.

As usual, I never really know. I will try for tomatoes again because one day I will get it right. Maybe a cucumber or two. Some hot weather greens. Maybe I will try some sorghum again - it was a good producer the first year I planted it.

I wish I had a more elaborate compost system - as I said, this was about two years of accumulation. My big need is something to keep the local critters out of while it breaks down, and this seems to work well enough.