Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Little Overwhelmed

I feel promoted beyond my mettle.

I am not sure what I expected when I took the job, but I did not think it would quite be like this.  I feel as if I am at the foot of a mountain being asked to plan activities at the top of the mountain when we arrive, as we are leaving this very night.

I am quite fortunate in that my new boss (and I will have to think of a nom de guerre for him eventually) is very organized and has everything laid out.  That, at least, is easy to step into.  What is proving to be less easy is the level of catch up I keep feeling like I have to do.

Part of it is natural, I suppose - after all, I have been in a separate arm of the industry for the last 7 years and so have not had to deal with some of the specifics I am dealing with now in some time. Still, there is a feeling that I am dealing about with things about two feet above my head.

This is what I asked for, of course:  this level of responsibility, this level of setting course, this level of action.  I guess I just imagined there was a longer runway for me to get into it.  But in the real world, you just go.

Never fear, I will adapt.  I have the wealth of the Internet and my personal library to support me, although I have a lot of reading and catching up to do.  The knowledge base is all there - I just have to find the way to internalize it.

But maybe that is the ultimate point of the thing:  to try something a little bit out of my reach and actually have to reach for it.

It is good, however, to be challenged in ways I have not been in many years.  Much like lifting, the best way to grow the muscles is to challenge them.

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