Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Rest of The Year

So where do I want to end this year?

That is really the question, is it not?  With the departure of Labor Day the year picks up speed as we move downhill towards the end of it - before I know it, Christmas will be upon us and then the end of the year.

And do not kid yourself - the weekends are full.  Between now and Christmas, I believe I have only four weekends that do not currently not have something filling them up.  Na Clann's activities, Throwing, a Training Session, testing - there is a lot packed in.  Add in the things I tend to do - Nanowrimo, winter planting - and things seem a bit overwhelming indeed.

So where do I want to end this year?

As I have played it over in my mind, the remaining portion of this year is largely an activity in staging to move into next year.   A launching pad, if you will, for what is to come.  It means that I will have to get next year's goals in order, of course - but that is something that I have been to lax about in years past.  Just as when we cut a target in tameshigiri we cut through the target, not to the target, so the work at the end of this year is meant to move me seamlessly into next year.

Where do I want to end this year?  Really, it is where I am going to want to start next year.  On 01 January:  feet running, sword drawn, charging into the next year with the intent of making it my own, instead of it making me its own.

And knowing where I need to go, it will make the charge that much more effective.

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