Thursday, July 09, 2015

Home Alone

So this week I am home alone.

Nighean Gheal, the oldest, is in South Korea for approximately 3 weeks.  The Ravishing Mrs. TB and the two younger ones, Nighean Bhan and Nighean Dhonn, are off to the Midwest to visit family.  Leaving me home alone.

Surely this would be a boon of time and energy, correct?  Not so much, it seems.  By the time I get home, get everybody fed and cared for as needed, water, shuffle around whatever housework really needs to be done, and eat, there always seems to be very little time at all to do.

This frustrates me to no little extent.  After all, I can remember once upon a time - and it does not seem all that long ago - that I would view this sort of event as an opportunity to get all kinds of things accomplished - in fact, they would come to serve as one of the great catch up opportunities of the year.  Now, if I manage to get three things done other than living it will be an accomplishment.

Is there a lesson here?  I am not really sure - obviously little and steady over the long haul rather than big catch-ups is the obvious one, but that almost seems to be a throwaway lesson. There is a slightly deeper issue here, something about how I am investing my total time (and let us be honest - 10+ hours a day on work by the time I am done with the commute helps precisely nothing) - versus what I am investing it in.  But there is a lesson here, something that is just beyond the range of what I can see at the moment.

Still, a little time is a little time.  And if I can find one thing to accomplish that I would not have otherwise done, we shall declare victory and have three "huzzahs" all around.


PioneerPreppy said...

Doing it all yourself really cuts into the time. Kinda an old hold out showing us why everyone used to have HUGE families.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I had never thought of that before Preppy, but you are absolutely correct. Another factor, I suspect, was not having to split one's life into the "work" portion and the "living" portion, which so many (including myself) have to do today.