Friday, July 02, 2010

Decisions To Be Made

Feeling torn this morning at the Tuning Fork in the road.

I have three possibilities that are presenting themselves: one involves a higher position and more money but separation from my family more often, one involves staying in New Home but a lower position (possibly equal pay), and one involves just staying where I am right now.

I say torn because I have that uneasy feeling in my stomach that I often get when I am facing a decision which I don't know clearly what to do.

I made a list last night of why to stay and why to go. I came up with half a dozen reasons to stay in the location we are in, and only two reasons to change jobs (one of them - be fair - is that I so often have problems at my current location).

But money is not enough of a reason to change - I made that decision twice before, and neither time has it gone very well for me - The Firm, and then the job that indirectly moved us to New Home.

It's good to have opportunities - why am I so reluctant to make a choice?

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